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Models to Percive Rality Through

“Artists do not try to communicate their private experiences; make a sort of confession. This would be an impossible, and also a very dull, undertaking. They submit proposals for future experience patterns. Their aim is to make reality richer.”

*Vilhem Flusser,
“The Beautyful and the Nice”

︎aber 1
German for: but, however

︎aber 2
celtic for: confluence of waters

We bring together the seeminlgy farfetched from science and culture in designs that enable awarness, critical disscussion and reevalution of the human condition.

We subscribe to a framework of the beautiful and the nice. The beautiful as intelligible information overflow, and the nice as obvious information. Based on this we believe that to achieve the greatest impact on people, a piece of work has to command balance along the beautiful and the nice. Information and repetitive noise have to stack accordingly to express an appropriate communication with various media.
We engage in interdisciplinary art-science collaborations.

Due to our backgrounds in science and enginiering as well as fine art and product and information expierence design, we  to find parallels among scientific models and the material cultures we live in.
Good comunication leaves neither side unchanged.

We always search and find the best expiriential ways to comunicate complex information using modern technologie and timeless gestures.

Yeo Ker Siang

Maria Euler